What goes, "Clip-Clop-Clip-Clop....BANG...Clip-Clop-Clip-Clop

Answer: An Amish Drive by shooting!

AND...It's a story about hair and two of the perps are named Mullet..Perfect

This is Amish crime at it's worst....



Three Ohio Amish men, accused of attacking other Amish community members, appeared before a judge today.

Lester Mullet, Johnny Mullet and Levi Miller waived their rights to extradition.

They are accused of forcibly cutting off the hair and beards of other Amish community members in a nearby county.

Police arrested them Friday.

The men are part of an extreme Amish break-away group.

All three are charged with felony assault and kidnapping.

The leader of the break-away group is also the father of two of the suspects. He said he did not order the hair cutting, but said it was done in response to the way other Amish community members were treating his group.