Monday and Tuesday of this week, I attended a radio conference and we stayed at Margaritaville Casino in Shreveport.

It was a lot of fun, but I have to wonder about something I found in my room.


I've seen a lot of professional grade products out there, but imagine my surprise to find that there is a professional grade tissue. I was afraid to use this. I'm not a professional...would I use it correctly? Would I break something if I used it wrong?  maybe I've been using tissue the wrong way for years.

I wondered if there are people out there who breathe a sigh of relief to find that, at last, there is a professional grade of tissue on the market when the need for a really good, top quality tissue is required.

I don't know if you can buy this just anywhere or if you need a prescription, but I'll tell you this....I stole the box. Wonder how much extra you have to pay for the really good stuff.