What do you do when a bear wanders into your camp and starts trying to eat your kayak? Well, chances are you'll either seek shelter from the bear or, as a lot of experts suggest, start banging things like pots and pans together to frighten the animal away. The woman in this video obviously feels that the bear just needs a good talking to about his behavior because, bless her dumb little heart, that exactly what she does.

The poor bear in this video was just doing what wild bears do. He came upon her camp and obviously found this woman's kayak to be very interesting and, being a wild bear, he naturally tried to eat it. the whole time the bear is exploring the kayak, the woman keeps up a running conversation and she can't seem to grasp that this bear is not going to react the same way a domestic animal would react. She seems to think that just yelling, "Bear" is going to make the wild animal stop it's exploration of the kayak.

I promise that, after listening to this woman for a minute or so, you're going to be pulling for the bear. the woman's voice is so irritating that you be urging the bear to go into full attack just to get the woman to shut the hell up.