Wow! What a story. Paul Huebl, a private investigator, says he can prove that Whitney Houston was murdered and he also has evidence that Atlantis was real. Now, that's what I call a busy week!

Huebl is a  Hollywood private investigator who, seeing his duty, has gone out and solved the big mystery of Whitney Houston's untimely death. Being a civic mined individual, he has turned all his hard gathered evidence over to the FBI, oh, and the National Enquirer.

According to Huebl, Whitney Houston was the victim of some high powered drug lords who wanted their money right then!

She didn't have the money on her, so they killed her. No doubt forcing her to take a bath after giving her some more cocaine which she couldn't pay for in the first place, but that's how the story goes.

Huebl says that a couple of drug informants told him exactly what happened. According to these highly reliable sources, Houston's outstanding bill to the dealers was $1.5 million, but, well heck, she kept ordering more, so whats a guy to do? I guess the thinking was, "Well, keep taking it to her and we'll make it an even $2 million."

Here's where the story gets a little fuzzy. Apparently, they kept delivering the drugs, but then decided it was time to kill her because she........(nothing plausible comes to mind)

Okay, now stay with me here...Then, as though the sworn word of two drug informants wasn't good enough, he also claims that he has a video of the murder taking place.  No doubt.

Of course, he decided not to give the video tape to the FBI or the National Enquirer because that would seem to much like wanting to make a buck off a tragic death.

The coroners report and the police investigation both point to Whitney Houston's tragic inability to give up drugs as the cause of her death. of course, it's all a cover-up because the police don't want people to know the real truth because, if they did, they might..uh..Nothing plausible comes to mind.

I guess the magnitude of Huebl's detective work was so great that the press forgot to ask about his evidence that Atlantis was real.

We couldn't find a decent picture of Huebl, so we substituted this album cover from Warner Brothers recording artist, Napoleon XIV. Courtesy Warner Brothers Records

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