Everybody is talking about Invest 99L, and now that system has developed into a tropical depression, the new name is Tropical Depression 9.

According to Meteorologist Zack Fradella:

Our concern is strictly involved with newly formed Tropical Depression 9 in the far southeastern Gulf very close to the Florida Keys. After days of model flips and flops, we are starting to see them come to an agreement and the eventual fate of this system is becoming clearer.


The system has held together despite conditions like dryer air and wind shear. It is those very conditions that have prevented Tropical Depression 9 from developing, and now those conditions are disappearing. The system is expected to be in for a change over the next couple of days. That system is also predicted to make it's way into the Gulf over the next few days.

Forecasters are saying that Tropical Depression 9 will continue to track in our direction before putting on the brakes late Monday into Tuesday, somewhere near the east-central Gulf. This stall is due to a front that will be dropping down the East Coast which will begin to pull on the storm. The combination of a strengthening storm and this front should induce a northerly turn before eventually turning more northeast. Almost all track models are now seeing this scenario play out.