Yes! That's all I can say about the Thanksgiving Donut from Zucker Bakery in Manhattan. That, and, 'I want one.'

This Saturday, the Zucker Bakery in Manhattan, New York is introducing a Thanksgiving Donut.  It looks like an ordinary jelly donut, but it's actually a pumpkin-flavored donut stuffed with turkey, cranberry sauce, and gravy.

There's also one that's a sweet potato donut with toasted marshmallow filling.  that sounds good, too, but I'd have to opt for the big magilla when it comes to this choice.

The bakery is making them in honor of Hanukkah falling on Thanksgiving this year.  Donuts are actually a traditional Hanukkah food . . . so the bakery stuffed traditional Hanukkah food with traditional Thanksgiving food.

It's very rare that Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving . . . but Hanukkah's based on the lunar calendar, so it can happen.  The last time it happened was 1861 . . . the next time it will happen will be in 77,798 years.

Not since the Turducken has such a great culinary idea come along! Hats off to Zucker Bakery! Shalom!