Do you panic if you can't check Facebook every 15 minutes? If the internet is down do you need Prozac?

Well, you just might be addicted to the internet. Well, if you are, you need to read this. If your not and you think the whole, 'nothing is your fault and we can help you' trend is getting out of hand; You need to read this.

Beginning next week, Bradford Regional Medical Center, in Bradford, PA., will make history of sorts when it launches the country’s first inpatient program to treat Internet addiction.

The program will treat adults in the same wing as patients suffering from substance abuse.

Four patients will take part in the 10-day program. Anyone who enrolls had better jump on eBay to sell some merchandise because it costs $14,000 to get in the program, since Internet addiction is not a covered medical expense, according to most insurance companies.

Those people who sign on will have Internet access taken away and talk about their experiences in a group setting while also learning how to effectively go online without it turning into a marathon session where you don't shower for so long you end up doing a Google search in how to clean yourself without having to get out of your chair.

All I can think of is; Wouldn't it be ironic if the course for internet addiction was an on-line program?