‘International Family Day in the Park” is  a day of unity for all families of different cultures and nationalities in the South West Louisiana area.  We provide families with entertainment through music & arts, social services, community &  education resources, and medical services. 

‘International Family Day in the Park’ is the result of a mission that was given to me by the Creator at 3am in the morning in 2009.  He spoke very clearly of what I was to do and how I was to go about following his plan. He said,’ this was my assignment as part of his overall plan to bring peace back to the world.’  He said ‘it was a master plan and would include many people to carry out the mission all over the world.’

We added the word “International” before Family Day in the Park, because he wants it to be clear that this community unity event was for all people regardless of cultures or nationalities.

This annual event is  located in the southwest part of  Lake Charles La.  The event is held at the city operated park “LOCK PARK” located at the corner of South Ryan and Dr. De Bakey Drive, ( formerly called 7th st).

Here is a link to the event website: Family Day in the Park