In these days of Lindsay Lohan and Kim Kardashian, it's nice to know that there are still role models out there! Her name is Dawn Loggins.

I was browsing the internet looking for stories that show people who inspire; people whose stories are life affirming.  I found just such a story on the website of  WBTV 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Dawn Loggins had nothing going in her favor. She was abandoned by her family, she was bullied at school, when she did live with her parents, they were into drugs and were frequently living with no utilities. Here is her story..



And that my friends is inspiring! Abraham Lincoln once used the phrase, "The better angels in us all". I may be naive , but I truly believe that despite all the Lindays, Kims and Bobby Browns out there, the majority of us want to tap into that "better angel".

If you know of someone who has tapped into that human spirit, let me know about them.

Again, many thanks to WBTV 3 in Charlotte, N.C. and to Dedrick Russell for producing such a great story!