This Summer we'll see the debut of a brand new network. It's the FXX network and they have quite a treat for fans of 'The Simpsons.'

This Summer, FXX say's it will air a 'Simpsons' marathon, but it's not just the most popular episodes of the show that will be seen on the typical show marathon. Nope, the folks at FXX are going to air all 552 installments of the show in consecutive order.

The 12-day marathon will begin on Aug. 21 and will continue through Labor Day. The Fox-owned FXX, which owns the rerun rights to ‘The Simpsons,’ will also be releasing an app where you can download every episode. So you better clear off your schedule now.

To help you warm up for this 12 day marathon, here are a few of the funniest moments from 'The Simpsons'