Okay, so very few toddlers can Spell, much less Tweet, but if they could, it would probably look like this:

Here's what we think toddlers would Tweet

1. So wait.  Are you telling me my bed's not really a racecar?

2. When Daddy drinks from all those silver cans with the snowy mountains on them, he walks just as funny as me!

3. I got your Baby Einstein right here . . . Pop in the new Motorhead album!

4. Guess who just drew a circle AND a square?  #NailedIt

5. If they didn't want me eating the cat's food, why did they put it on the floor?

6. Holy crap, Play-Doh is delicious!  #BestBreakfastEver

7. Just colored the sun purple cuz YOLO!

8. I often bite and hit when I get mad, but man, even I keep it together better than Chris Brown.

9. So what if I'm two?  My Tweets make more sense than your drunk Tweets.

10. I learned some new words from Daddy today when he tried to use the Obamacare website!

11. Every time I think I have it bad, I remind myself that my parents could be a Hooters waitress and Pauly D.

12. So in another 70 years, I get to eat soft food and wear diapers all over again?!?