The tropics have been very quiet this year, but now we are entering that time where things start happening very fast in that area of the world.

Trackers are watching systems that could pose a threat to the American mainland. Right now, that system is just called Invest 99, and is still a tropical wave. Forecasters are saying that Invest 99 has about a 60% chance of becoming a tropical cyclone over the next five days.

The system is also predicted to move near Hispaniola and from there into the Southern Bahamas by late this week. A recon mission by the Air Force Reserve will take place later today that will, of course, give forecasters a better idea about what to expect over the next few days from the storm system.

Most current computer models are predicting that, once Invest 99 develops, it will wander off into the open waters of the Atlantic. However, be aware that some models are predicting that the system could take a track into the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition to Invest 99, forecasters are also watching Tropical Storm Gaston. That system is tracking to the west northwest with highest sustained winds at about 40 mph.

Tropical Depression Fiona is continuing to slowly weaken as it makes its way into the colder waters of the north Atlantic. This system should dissipate within the next few days and become an extra-tropical system of blustery winds and thunderstorms.