It's beginning to look like the $70 million National Hurricane Museum and Science Center is going to need the help of area voters if the museum is to see completion. According to Mark McMurry, secretary and treasurer of the museum, there is a gap in the funding for the center and, unless parish voters approve a property tax, hopes for that museum could be dashed.

Right now, that financial gap is at $15 million and on April 9th, voters will get to decide if the project is important enough to the community to pass a proposed 10-year ad valorem tax of 1.5 mills on assessable property to help insure the project sees fruition.

So far, about $42 million has been secured for the proposed museum, but without the additional $15 million, the project could be shut down completely.The tax proposal will be discussed in depth at the police jury's January 7th meeting. If placed on the April ballot and approved by voters, it would also help fund the parish's seven other museums with maintenance and operations.