It was pretty rough coming back to work today after having a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving!  How was your holiday?  Ours was pretty good.  Found a 10-pound bird, which is just right for the three of us;  okay -- the 10 of us, if you count the cats, but they don't eat much.  In fact, only three of them actually go for "people food."  So we sliced some off the bird and cut it up onto three plates, which bought us enough time to enjoy ours.  BUT, we forgot that two of them also have an affinity for whipped topping,  so we had to fight them for our pumpkin pie.  Turned out all good, though.

Watched the Detroit Lions give the Packers the annual football game, took a nap, and went for a walk at Prien Lake Park.  Gorgeous day!!

We wrapped up the evening by watching "Miracle on 34th Street" despite the fact there was football.

Saturday, we looked for some Christmas decorations; mostly lights for the tree.  We haven't put lights on it in quite a while, again because of the cats and their penchant for chewing on the wires;  and even though we've been here for 17 years, we're not quite used to Christmas shopping in tee-shirts and shorts!

So, how was your Thanksgiving?  Any Black Friday shopping?  Doing any "Cyber Monday Shopping"? From home or work?  We won't tell if it's at the office.