I have long felt that magazines and web sites just make this stuff up to have something to print and a way to get men into trouble. I used to shudder every time my wife picked up a copy of Cosmopolitan. I know lots of men feel the same way. It is however, close to Valentine's day and we should make it a happy day.  I am going to share this article with you though because I feel there is actually some validity to this one.

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This comes from Female First so it is definitely a little slanted against men. The sad thing is that it is also true. Here are the five things listed in the article that they say are signs that a couple has started taking each other for granted.

#1.) You don't make an effort to eat dinner together. We try to always eat dinner together. It is a time when we talk about our day and catch up.

#2.) You go to bed at different times. sometimes this could not be avoided. When I was doing a morning show and had to go to sleep at eight; it was just not reasonable to expect her to go to bed at that time. That has changed and now we usually do go to bed at the same time. That snuggle time is very important and I understand that this could be a sign of trouble.

#3.) You go out with friends more than each other. This is a big one. I do feel that no one person can be another person's everything; but you should want to be together. You should want to share time. If not ... you may be in trouble.

#4.) You stop trying to look good for each other. That means women don't worry about wearing make-up or nice underwear . . . and men wear sweatpants. I am guilty of the sweatpants thing. I also understand when she gets home from work and wants to get out of her work clothes. We try to make up for it by taking little trips and doing fun things together when we can. I see nothing wrong with being comfortable with each other ... as long as you make up for it with dates and special times.

5.) Men don't worry about closing the door when they go to the bathroom. Is this number one or two?

So there are the five things from Female First. Here are some of mine.

#1.) You stop opening and closing doors for her. I still open doors for my wife after 25 years. It is just a way of saying "I think you are special and I want you to know that."

#2.) You walk in front of here and don't wait for her to catch up. I see this all the time and think if I was her I would just turn around and leave and see how long it would take him to realize I had left.

#3.) You always take the biggest half or the best food. This shows you are more concerned for yourself. It is just rude!

#4.)You expect her to wait on you all the time. Why not fix her dinner sometime? You both work. She is tired too. The terms "servant" and "wife" do not mean the same thing. Show her that she is important to you by treating her like an equal. You are supposed to be partners. Pitch in and help. This is a bigger turn on for most women than flowers, candy and jewelry put together.

#5.) You leave her trapped at home without transportation. This is always a bad sign! If you care about her at all, make sure she has transportation. It's also a safety issue. Leaving her trapped at home can only mean you don't want her to be able to check on you. You are probably hiding something. Let her drop you off and pick you up. It will show that you can be trusted and that you trust her.

I am sorry if I got any guys into trouble; but its just not that hard to be nice. Remember my definition of a man ..."A man is someone who realizes that everything he does affects those around him and acts accordingly."