Job interviews can be stressful. We all get nervous about the entire process, but being prepared can help you over the part where you and the interviewer discuss the job and qualifications. Then comes the hard part -- the TRAP.

The 'Trap' is when the interviewer says, "Do you have any questions?" Be careful here --Some questions can make you look like they should hire you on the spot. Then there are the questions where you can give yourself a quick boot out the door.

Here are a few examples:





Never ever ask, “What does this company do?” If you don’t know that ahead of time and you let the interviewer know that you don’t know, you might as well go home.


Okay, let's say you've heard bad things about the company or management. First of all, why would you even apply for a job with that company? Still, we can't always be super picky about where we work, but never ever ask about any negative stories you've heard. It's never a good idea to ask,"So, do you think your CEO will do prison time for embezzling funds?"


Everyone loves promotions and raises, but the job interview is hardly the place to ask, "How soon will I be promoted" or "When do I get a raise." Both questions are a good way to guarantee you'll get neither.


Tthe best way in the world to make an interviewer think you might be a risk is to ask questions like, "Do you do drug testing" or 'Do you perform background checks?"

In the ears of the interviewer you've just said, "I do drugs and there are things from my past I don't want you to find out."

Of course, chances are, if you say either of those things you have nothing to worry about because your resume is in the circular file.

Best bet is to go in prepared. Know something about the company and what they do. Most importantly-- Keep it positive!