It's nothing new. We all know that when billions of dollars are floating around, there's bound to be some waste.

According to Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, these were among the biggest silly expenditures from 2013.

Tom Coburn is a Republican senator from Oklahoma.  Every year, he puts out a list of the biggest wastes of money by the government for the year.

This year obviously features the money wasted during the government shutdown and the money wasted on getting to be even marginally functional . . . but that's just the beginning.  Here are six other highlights of the list . . .


1.  The 19 legal brothels in Nevada got to take a total of $17.5 million in tax deductions, including breast implants, costumes, and marketing.

2.  NASA is investing $360,000 in a study to see what happens when 20 people spend two full months in bed.

3.  The American Association of Independent Music got a $284,000 grant to have indie rock executives travel around the world promoting their music.

4.  The National Institute of Health spent $325,000 funding a study that found marriages are happier when women calm down quicker after arguments.

5.  The Department of Housing and Urban Development spent $1.2 million on apartments in Arizona for deaf seniors . . . then decided it was illegal just to house deaf seniors in them.

6.  The Department of Agriculture spent $415,000 to serve California red wines in China to try to create demand for them among "influential" Chinese.