Super Bowl XLVII has already taken over New Orleans, even though the game itself won't kickoff until Sunday, Feb. 2.  But New Orleans is no stranger to Super Bowls, having hosted nine previous ones.  This year makes the 10th championship in the Big Easy, tying it with Miami as the city that has hosted the most.  Here's a quick history of New Orleans Super Bowls:

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    Super Bowl IV

    Jan. 11, 1970 -- Tulane Stadium

    Kansas City Chiefs 23, Minnesota Vikings 7

    MVP:  Len Dawson, QB, Kansas City

    Long before the Superdome graced downtown New Orleans, Tulane Stadium (demolished 1980) was the original home of both the New Orleans Saints and NOLA's earliest Super Bowls.  Back in this era, the Super Bowl was still a joint venture of the AFL and the NFL.  (Super Bowl IV was the last game the two leagues played separately before combining later that year.) The Vikings were a significant favorite going into the game, but Kansas City's Len Dawson turned on the heat to complete 12 of 17 passes, while his defense held Minnesota to just 67 yards on the game.

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    Super Bowl VI

    Jan. 12, 1972 – Tulane Stadium

    Dallas Cowboys 24, Miami Dolphins 3

    MVP Roger Staubach, QB, Dallas

    This was the only Super Bowl in which a team was prevented from making a single touchdown.  Dallas dominated this game, making up for their three-point loss the previous year in Super Bowl V.  It was a vindication after years of having a reputation for choking in the big game.  This was the era of the mighty Roger Staubach, who as MVP, ended an eight-game winning streak for Miami.  And could you imagine NOT being able to watch a Super Bowl?  This was the last Super Bowl that the NFL subjected to standard blackout rules.

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    Super Bowl IX

    Jan. 12, 1975 – Tulane Stadium

    Pittsburg Steelers 16, Minnesota Vikings 6

    MVP Franco Harris, RB, Pittsburgh

    This Super Bowl ever was the last professional game to grace Tulane Stadium, which was torn down two years later.  (Though Dallas would use it as a practice field before Super Bowl IX three years later.)  This was Louisiana native Terry Bradshaw's moment to shine -- he would lead his team to three more titles through 1980.  Though the team had been around since 1933, Pittsburgh had never won a title game.  It was a heartbreaker of a game for Minnesota, since it was their third Super Bowl ... and their third Super Bowl loss.

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    Super Bowl XII

    Jan. 15, 1978 – Superdome

    Dallas Cowboys 27, Denver Broncos 10

    MVPs Randy White, DT and Harvey Martin, DE, Dallas

    Super Bowl IX was supposed to be the first title game played in the Superdome, but construction was behind schedule.  So this was the first time the Lombardi Trophy was hoisted in New Orleans' mighty dome -- or any dome, for that matter.  It was Dallas' second title win in New Orleans, and they're the only team to have won two Super Bowls in the Big Easy.  Making more history, this was the first game to be played in prime time.  Wait, there's more -- it's also the only time the game has featured dual MVPs, and the first time that honor went to the defensive line.

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    Super Bowl XV

    Jan. 25 1981 – Louisiana Superdome

    Oakland Raiders 27, Philadelphia Eagles 10

    MVP Jim Plunkett, QB, Oakland

    The Raiders made their own history in this game by becoming the first wild card team to win the Super Bowl.  The game was held just five days after the Iran hostage crisis broke in 1981, and a patriotic fervor was in the air.  This was the Eagles' first title game, but they never stood a chance.  Oakland jumped out to an early lead and never let go.  The game was the end of a startling comeback by veteran QB Jim Plunkett, who had gone from 1971's Rookie of the Year to being a backup QB for Oakland at the start of the 1980 season.  When Dan Pastorini broke his leg, Plunkett stepped in and earned his team a ring.

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    Super Bowl XX

    Jan. 26, 1986 – Louisiana Superdome

    Chicago Bears 46, New England Patriots 10

    MVP Richard Dent, DE, Chicago

    Four words:  "The Super Bowl Shuffle."  If you remember Chicago's meteoric rise in the 1985 season, then you probably remember their rap, too.  This was the last Super Bowl to date in which BOTH teams were making their first appearance.  (The Bears had won the NFL title in 1963, but that was before the Super Bowl was created.)  New England was the cinderella team that year, coming in as a wild card, but only posted 123 yards of offense in the game.  Chicago coach Mike Ditka would later become a fixture in the Superdome years later when he became the Saints' head coach for a rather sad two years.

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    Super Bowl XXIV

    Jan. 28, 1990 – Louisiana Superdome

    San Francisco 49ers 55, Denver Broncos 10

    MVP Joe Montana, QB, 49ers

    The most lopsided Super Bowl ever was also superstar QB Joe Montana's last.  No team has ever outscored San Francisco's 55 points, nor has any team created so large a lead over their opponent.  It was a humiliating defeat for the Broncos, who at the time were tied with the Vikings for a record four losses in the Super Bowl.  (Don't feel too bad for them, though -- we hear they went on to do pretty well for themselves later on.)

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    Super Bowl XXXI

    Jan. 26, 1997 – Louisiana Superdome

    New England Patriots 21, Green Bay Packers 35

    MVP Desmond Howard, KR-PR, Green Bay

    On a media level, this was the first year a Super Bowl was broadcast by FOX -- at the time considered a major coup for the fledgling network.  An offensive slugfest, this game holds the record for the most points scored in the first half of a Super Bowl.  It featured the first-ever MVP award for a special teams player after punt returner Desmond Howard took a 99-yard run to score on a kickoff in the third quarter.  That score sealed Green Bay's win.  The game was also an inauguration for a quarterback you may have heard of -- Brett Favre. It was, however, his only Super Bowl win.


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    Super Bowl XXXVI

    Feb. 3, 2002 – Louisiana Superdome

    New England Patriots 20, St. Louis Rams 17

    MVP Tom Brady, QB, New England

    New Orleans was a great place to anoint legendary QBs.  Terry Bradshaw, Brett Favre and then Tom Brady.  The last time New England had played a title game in NOLA, they got squeaked out by Green Bay.  This time, Brady won his franchise's first-ever Super Bowl by upsetting Kurt Warner's Rams.  That was after starting the season as a backup quarterback and taking over for an injured Drew Bledsoe. This was the first Super Bowl ever played in February, thanks to a season delay after the 9/11 attacks five months earlier.

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    Super Bowl XLVII

    Feb. 2, 2013 -- Mercedez-Benz Superdome

    Baltimore Ravens ??, San Francisco 49ers ??

    MVP:  ??

    History has yet to be made in this, the 47th Super Bowl.  But already, history is being made as the two teams are actually coached by brothers.  Baltimore's John Harbaugh and San Francisco's Jim Harbaugh last faced off in 2011, when the Ravens won.  This time, the 49ers are the favorites.  Who will take home the Lombardi Trophy this time?