I am sure you have heard the Bud Light commercial "if it works, it isn't crazy."  I have to admit that I let my boy Drew Brees down. I did not do something before this week that I have done before every game they have won this year. I will not make that mistake again.

Din Rivers Photos

I know Drew Brees has had a couple of rough games. I also know he is playing without the mastermind of Sean Payton. I truly think Drew Brees is the best quarterback playing the game right now and I am sure every team he plays has defensive surprises for him. This is where Sean would step in and recognize what the other team was doing and change the game plan for Drew. We are missing that; but I have also let the team down. There is something I did before very game the saints have won that I did not do before a week when they had two games!

I usually do the family grocery shopping on Saturday mornings. I noticed that some of the Tide bottles featured Drew Brees picture. You know I had to buy some. The Saints won that weekend. I really did not think anything of it but I repeated the same scenario before every game the team has won this year. This week I did not buy the "drew Brees Tide" and look what happened. You know what I'll be buying this Saturday!