With word spreading so fast on social networks; it is easy for a hoax to be effective. Friday afternoon was a case in point. Exactly how did we hear about the Drew Brees hoax and how did we know it was a hoax?


I was getting ready to leave the studios Friday afternoon when one of our on air personalities told me what he had seen on facebook. A mutual friend of ours had copied a post from Global Associated News. At the bottom of the story was a caption "FAKE... THIS STORY IS 100% FAKE." The problem is most people did not read that far.

The story was that Drew Brees had been in a car wreck and broke both legs.  Naturally this upset the Saints nation. Word spread like wildfire! I sat down to write the story and before I could finish writing it we had found it was false. The same hoax was pulled on Cam Newton and Tony Romo earlier this year by the same website.

It did make me think however.We have our coach back, we have a new defensive coordinator and new defensive players. It looks like it is going to be a better year for the Saints.  Could we make sure Drew is chauffeured around in a tank?