What's the first thing businesses do to cut cost? Well, if you go by the airlines and some hotels, they cut out guest services. I forget which airline it was, but a few years ago they figured out they could save money by putting only one olive (instead of two, mind you) on their salads. I don't know this for a fact, but I'd be willing to bet that the number cruncher who came up with that unplugs everything in his house before he leaves to go push pencils.

So now, at least one hotel says that room service is too expensive and it's going out the window.

Come on! Room service is part of staying in a hotel. You check into a room that someone else has to clean, sit on a bed that someone else has to make and you order food that someone else has to cook. It's part of the hotel experience! But, some guy at a desk somewhere in Corporateville has decided that they just can't afford to offer such services.

Here's the story:

Staying at New York’s Hilton Midtown Hotel just got a little less fun.  The hotel- which happens to be one of the city’s largest- is doing away with room service this summer, in an attempt to boost revenue while catering to consumers’ changing needs.  One Hilton executive said that fewer guests are ordering room service these days, making it unprofitable.  The New York Hilton Midtown plans to open a cafeteria-style eatery to replace room service, where guests can order gourmet take-out.  While Hilton says they don’t have plans to axe the service at additional hotel locations, experts believe other hotels may soon follow suit.


Disgusting. Next thing you know the Post Office will stop Saturday mail delivery and dairies will do away with the milkman. Wait! What? They already have?