Apples New Apps for Kids of All Ages!


It seems that no matter what interest you, it can usually be said, " There's an App for that".  Apple has opened it's Grand Central Terminal Store to much buzz in the industry.  As part of the opening, Apple has also announced some new Apps for us to enjoy. Here are a few of the Apps that experts said will be among the hottest!  A few on the list are marked for future release..Others can be downloaded to your iPad right away. We've provided links to the Apps that are available.




This one isn't out yet but it's sure to be a blast to play!  Fly your way through an aerial battle using gesture control to navigate the airspace -- and the visuals in this game are unbelievable. The group has developed similar apps in the past but not nearly of such high resolution. Simply tap the gears and arrows to maneuver the skies. This one is sure to appeal to the kid in all of us...Who doesn't love blowing things up?? No release date has been announced.



Jamie-Oliver 20 Minute Meals
We're all time impoverished and we all eat. What other reason would you need to love this App?  One of the cool features is that this one is voiced command! Instead of turning a page (or messing up your screen) with a butter covered hand, you just say  “next” or “back” to proceed. Photos will also guide you through your cooking session. Also the 20 minute feature has to appeal to us.

Download Jamie-Oliver 20 Minute Meals: Apple iTunes.




The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore

Here's one of those Apps that most kids ( I refer to those kids who are no longer kids anymore as well)  have dreamed of....Discover a new interactive world of reading with The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. Download the award-winning short film turned narrative for just $4.99. The experience allows adults and children alike to not only read the “Wizard of Oz” type story at their own pace but to make the animated characters swirl and twirl across the pages.  Download The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris: Apple iTunes. Good luck to any kids out there who get this. I mean good luck getting it away from your parents!
Mobilewalla Score: 81 out of 100.

X is for X-Ray


Another story book-like app, X is for X-ray helps your kids learn the alphabet as well as the inner workings of 26 different everyday object representing each letter. For example, E is for Engine; swipe your finger across the engine image to reveal the guts of the actual machine. The final letter, Z is for zipper. And what's revealed when you unzip it? Your iPad of course!.

Download X is for X-Ray: Apple iTunes.


I don't know about you..but I can't wait to try out these new Apps! If you want to know more about the new Grand Central Terminal Store or some of the other new Apps, Just follow this link: READ MORE