After a long day at the office, or the offices, I can hardly wait to walk in the back door of my castle. My prince is rarely there since I usually manage to get home before he does. But on one of those rare occasions he is home first, it feels so great to come in and have him greet me with a hug, a kiss and a smile (not necessarily in that order).

As great as a spouse's welcome can be, we cannot forget our furry friends. How can you not love being greeted by your pet too? Our little dog, "pooh" always recognized the sound of our car engine, like magic. It didn't matter if I'd been gone ten minutes or ten hours, he would jump like a little jumping bean and run around so excited that his "mama" or "daddy" were home to love on him and spoil him with lots of treats. I miss that little fellow so much. Nowadays, I still often get a happy greeting from my furry little friend from down the road. It's cool that a neighbor's dog, when he's out, comes running and acting all excited when we get home. He,too, knows he's going to get lots of petting and lots of treats. He just never wants to leave, so we have to walk him back home and make sure he gets in safely before we continue on our journey.

Next time you get a happy greeting at the back door, whether a spouse or a little pet, remember that is never to be taken for granted. Now I just need to work on having that can of tuna or a cup of green tea ready when my sweetie comes to the door, depending on whether it's my husband or a little furry friend. Or even better: BOTH!