His name is Darshawn Cochran and he decided that he just had to hold up a convenience store in Parkville, Maryland last week. Well, being 23 and really tuned in to modern technology, Darshawn decided to use an app called "Uber" to help him in his carefully planed crime.

Now, if you're not familiar with Uber, it's an app that lets you find a ride. You can book a taxi, private car or even a limo if you need transportation. Very helpful app to have especially if you don't have your own wheels which Darshawn may or may not have had. At any rate, Darshawn needed a ride, in fact, he needed a getaway car and he used his trusty Uber app to find one.

Sure enough, just as Darshawn had finished holding up the store, up pulled a shiny Lexus to give him a ride. Now Darshawn didn't get just any ride because with Uber, if you're willing to car-pool, you can save money. Naturally, being a thrifty crook, he opted to car pool and his getaway car showed up with two extra passengers.

Cops weren't fooled by the ploy, pulled over the Lexus and, after some explanation as to why there were extra people in the car, Darshawn went to jail in a car he didn't book. He did end up saving money because the ride to jail was at no charge.