So you go to your kitchen faucet to get some water, you turn the knob and nothing comes out but brown water. Now, you might think there's something wrong with your plumbing, but that's probably not the problem.

Here's the reason your tap water is brown.

About twice a year, the Lake Charles Fire Department is required to flush hydrants all over the city and what results is brown tap water on our end of the water chain. Now, according to authorities the water is perfectly safe to drink. Personally, I'll pass on drinking brown water no matter how safe it is. While it may be safe to drink, it's not going to do your laundry any good at all.

If you do laundry you may find that your clothes have a brown tint to them, since the testing stirs up iron particles and various other materials and, that my friends, is what turns the water brown. Don't panic if you find yourself with brown laundry.

The Lake Charles Fire Department comes to the rescue on that one with free detergent that will remove those stains from your clothes. If you find yourself in the brown laundry situation, don't call 911. The main number for the fire department is 491-1360.