Here's a funny look at exactly why J-Walking is a crime. Who knew that J-Walking became a crime because people in the automobile industry were facing a ban on their product? It seems that it was all a big public relations campaign on the part of auto makers that made J-Walking a crime.

In this very tongue in cheek video, you'll see just how and why the simple act of crossing a street became so complicated and you'll also find out why it's called "J-Walking." The origin of the term may really surprise you. Back in the day, the term "J" was a derogatory term used to describe what was considered an unwanted segment of society.

We now have lights that tell us when we can cross the street, but back in the day, it was open season. When people began getting killed by the new automobiles, the auto industry jumped into action to make sure that their product was not held up for blame so, in a brilliant PR move, they managed to shift the blame to the walkers. Watch and enjoy.