Hecklers. They are a nightmare to anyone who's been in the public eye. I guess we all tend to think of hecklers as people who go after stand-up comics, but I guess just about any profession can have it's hecklers. Still, I don't suggest you heckle anyone with a hammer in their hands.

One trick comedians use to handle hecklers is to ask the heckler his name. Once you have the guys name, you merely announce to the audience that you are about to present the funniest man on earth and announce the name of the heckler. Now, the odds are in the comics favor that the heckler is not funny. The odds are also in the comics favor that the guy won't even come up there. Either way, the comic wins.

Now, that's a pretty good safety net, but I must tell you that you can't always depend on that safety net and sometimes the whole routine can just blow up in your face. Every now and then, a comic invites someone up to the stage to show us how it's done and that's exactly what they do. They get up there and destroy the crowd and the comics entire show. Well, apparently, the same thing can happen to golfers.

Just such a heckler is the subject of this video only in this case the venue wasn't a night club, but a golf course. It took place during the European tour last week. Henrik Stenson missed what the heckler thought was an easy putt. Stenson, noticeably miffed, invited said heckler to come inside the ropes and show them how it's done. Which is exactly what our friend the heckler did.