I don’t know about you, but I am seriously addicted to Pinterest.  Go ahead, laugh at me.  Oh, I’ve heard the snide remarks like…”Pinterest is a site for women to plan weddings they’ll never have and decorate homes they’ll never own.”  But seriously, did you take a good look at Pinterest before you threw out the insults?  It’s not just for fantasy vacations and imaginary lives anymore.  And not just for girls anymore.  Yes, boys, you read that right.  Pinterest has lots of articles, tips, and stories for you too.  In less than 5 minutes, I found out where to buy a deer stand, how to rebuild a carburetor, and the 2013 football season for LSU and McNeese.

My addiction to Pinterest started innocently enough…here a pin, there a pin, everywhere a pin pin.  Then I couldn’t stop.  I pinned all of the time.  Until one day I decided that I should do something with my quickly expanding collection of pins.

Pinterest/I Can't Believe It's Not Butter

I was going on a week-long girls vacation with my best friend and her sisters. (They are all incredible cooks and I am a novice at best.)  So when it was my night to cook dinner, they all readily volunteered to help me, probably to reduce their risk of food poisoning.  I refused their help and went into my collection of pins and found a few for fish tacos, avocado dressing and various side dishes.

So, after some trial and error -- and a few tears -- here are my versions:

Princess Heather's Mango & Black Bean Salsa
Princess Heather's Fish Tacos

Thanks to Pinterest, no one got sick or died and, in fact, they all wanted my great recipes.

So I had a little chat with Gary (actually, I tied him to a chair and duct taped his mouth) about Pinterest and how great it would be to have a Pinterest account for the station.  We could pin some of our favorite things, and see some great pins from our listeners. Here’s what to do…go to Pinterest and search for us: 929 the Lake.  Follow us and we’ll follow you or, you can send me some of your favorite pins and I’ll post them.  Got a story to go with the pin?  We’d love to hear about it.  Each week, I’ll pick the best pin to be featured on our website and that Pinner Winner will win a pair of tickets to Schlitterbahn.