It gets frustrating, doesn't it? You try and take care of your health by eating the right foods and taking supplements that are shown to be good for you. Before you know it, all the 'research' that shows that something was "good for you' is now bad for you.

We just recently learned that Vitamin E can be bad for you. After all those years of telling us to take the stuff, they do a 180 and tell us, "hey, that stuff causes cancer."

Well, there's a new story and it involves the much touted Omega-3.

A new study found that fish oil supplements, as well as a diet too high in fatty fish, may increase men’s risk of prostate cancer, despite the fact that fish oil is thought to have cancer-preventing anti-inflammatory effects.

In other cancer news, soy has been found not to prevent the return of prostate cancer.  Previously, some experts believed that soy compounds called isoflavones could prevent the disease, but several recent studies have suggested otherwise.

Think off all the foods that added Omega-3 to their ingredients.