It was Saturday, October 11, 1975 when NBC took a chance on a late night comedy show called Saturday Night Live... The show was an instant success and, of course, is still on the air today. There have been so many cast members who went on to much greater fame, and there have also been some iconic moments of comedy.

There is no way we could pare it down to a Top 10 or Top 50 for that matter. Here are just a few of our favorite classic sketches in no particular order from Saturday Night Live.

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    Don't answer the phone ... Don't open the door ... Even if it might be a "Candy Gram"

    "Jaws" was the hot movie in all the theatres that year. I have a feeling this one must have been written by Chevy since it involves so many of his "Fletch-isms". Everyone went around saying "Candy-Gram" for months after this segment aired.

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    Chee-Burger, Chee-Burger

    Classic Belushi

    Many folks from Lake Charles must have wondered how Belushi knew about Mary Ann's Cafe. Back in the 1970's, the landmark burger place was indeed owned by a gentleman from Greece and was famous for shouting the orders, "Chee-Burger, Chee-Burger." Still, sorry to tell you that the routine was inspired by Belushi's uncle's cafe in Chicago. Still, it was soooo close!

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    Samurai Deli

    Brilliant routine from Belushi.

    He's even funny when he's not speaking a real language!

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    Nothing refreshes like a Bass Smoothie

    Ackroyd at his sleazy best. He really could look like someone who owned a chain of Adult Only theatres or books shops. This is just a classic routine. Another one inspired by the infomercial.

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    Toonces, the Cat Who Drives a Car

    Want to get a laugh? Let an animal drive.

    They seem like an ordinary family. Nice house, well-kept lawn ... the only problem is their cat, Toonces. He keeps borrowing the car and he's just not a very good driver. You'd think they'd move to an area that has fewer cliffs!