Lake Charles really does the 4th of July up right. It's a great family day and evening with everything you would expect from an Independence Day celebration.

Here is a schedule of the Red, White, Blue and You celebration including a parade route map.

The Lake Charles July 4th celebration, “Red, White, Blue and You” is a great way to spend the evening with family and friends, music and fireworks. It’s a FREE event!

Everything start off with a parade, beginning at Mill and Ryan, then south on Ryan to Locke Park.

google maps

After the parade, it's back to the Lake Charles Civic Center for a concert with music by Paul Gonsoulin, The Lake Charles Community Band and Louisiana Choral Foundation.

Following the concert is a 'Salute to the Military' followed at 9:15 by The Fireworks Over the Lake.

29.9 The Lake will broadcast the soundtrack to the fireworks and there will be speakers behind the civic center so you can hear the music while you watch. If you take a mobile device with you (and who doesn't have one of those) you can download a free app called 'RadioPup' and hear the soundtrack that way.

A very happy 4th to everyone and a big special thanks to all members of the military both past and present! We salute you!

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