You've been warned. This video has the potential to bring tears to your eyes.

The groom, Tom Fletcher, was very nervous about having to make his post-wedding speech.  So,Tom decided to sing his "thank you" speech to the wedding party.

He didn't just write words to existing melodies. He wrote new, original songs for each part of the speech.

If you're anything like me ( and I know I am) you'll find this very funny, moving and touching.

And a warning to any men out there who are about to tie the knot...This guy just raised the bar a LOT when it comes to making a wedding speech!

By the way, Tom Fletcher is a successful songwriter and has penned 10 #1 hits in the UK. He is the lead vocalist of a band called McFly.

When I first previewed this video, I thought, "I don't have time to watch the whole thing." I then found that I couldn't stop watching it.