I started the first fire of the year and sat by the fireplace searching for a movie on pay per view. I remembered watching Dark Shadows on TV when I was a kid; so I decided to watch the movie. The soundtrack was awesome and it started me thinking about Halloween music.


You Tube/ DarkGeometryArt


These are Halloween essentials.  We hope you'll enjoy them.

This song has to top the list. It is the essence of Halloween.

Here's one that was featured in "Dark Shadows"

This next one features some excellent vintage film from the 70's.

What Halloween would be complete without some "howling around the kitchen door?"

And we have to hear from the Crypt Kicker Five!

No video with this one but you'll be "held spellbound."

Beware ... "she's gonna get you from behind!"

Let's take a trip to the lab.

Time to dueling fiddles with the devil himself!

Now the Wilson sisters check in.

What would a Southwest Louisiana Halloween be without a visit from Swamp Witch Hattie?