The folks at Hallmark have decided that the phrase, 'Gay Apparel' is too, well, 'gay.' Rather than just understanding that the song is from a different era and is a true standard, they are going to change the lyrics to a Christmas standard.

Hallmark Cards, when you care so much your brains fall out.

A few people point to this as part of the 'War on Christmas.' I disagree, It's nothing more than a grandstanding plea for attention and a war on intelligence.

Hallmark just released a Christmas ornament that looks like a sweater, with a line from "Deck the Halls" on it.  But instead of the original line, "Don we now our gay apparel" . . . they REMOVED THE WORD GAY.  Instead, the ornament says, "Don we now our FUN apparel."

But of course people were OUTRAGED . . . and flooded Hallmark's Facebook page with complaints accusing them of everything from censorship to homophobia.

So yesterday, Hallmark issued a statement saying, quote, "We never intend to offend or make political statements with our products and, in hindsight, we realize we shouldn't have changed the lyrics on the ornament.

"Back in the 1800s, the word 'gay' meant festive or merry.  Today it has multiple meanings, which we thought could leave our intent open to misinterpretation."

They say it would be impossible to produce and ship an ornament with the original line, so this ornament WILL stay on sale for the entire Christmas season.  It's selling for $12.95. Well, of course, for $12.95 they'll leave the word IN.

Hallmark, you stink.