There are so many jokes one could make about this subject, so insert your own now.

There are a group of venture capitalist who want to divide California into 6 brand new states.

Okay, first of all only someone from California could even think the plan to divide a state into 6 more states would even be possible. Still, the folks behind the plan have gotten approval to begin collecting signatures to have the plan put on a ballot in November.

Now, having permission to gather signatures and actually getting the required number are also worlds apart. In order to even the proposal on a ballot will required the signatures of 807,615 registered voters by July 14 to qualify as a ballot measure in November's elections.

Then again, we are talking about California and those folks do love signing petitions.

The names would break down something like this: Jefferson, North California, Silicon Valley, Central California, West California and South California. Real creative names aren't they?

I'm kind of surprised at the bland names. I thought for sure it would be things like 'Sunglow' or Purple Heather. You know...Southern California stuff.

What I'm wondering is this. In a state that can barely keep it's head above water, where are they going to get the money to start 5 new governments?

Will it happen? Let me put it like this: Don't start planning your vacation in Sunglow just yet.