Let's say your wedding day rolls around and you forget all about it. Well, obviously, you can't just make a phone call and get out of trouble...Unless that phone call is a bomb threat to the church.


Back in April, 36-year-old Neil McArdle of Liverpool, England was marrying his girlfriend 29-year-old Amy Williams.  Neil was supposed to book their venue, St. George's Hall in Liverpool . . . but he forgot to do the paperwork.

So he came up with a HORRIBLE plan to cover his tracks.  The day of the wedding, he called in a BOMB THREAT to St. George's Hall.  He figured that way it would be shut down, and no one would find out he hadn't booked it.

When Neil, Amy, and their families and friends showed up at St. George's Hall for the wedding, it looked like Neil's plan had worked . . . the building WAS shut down, and there were cops swarming everywhere.

But Neil WASN'T a master criminal . . . so even though he'd made the call from a pay phone, the cops quickly traced it back to him.

He just pleaded guilty to one count of communicating false information with intent, and he'll be sentenced in a few weeks.

He and Amy are still together . . . but haven't gotten married yet.