Greg Allman and the Allman Brothers have entertained the masses for years, and they have left a permanent influence in southern rock with hits like "Jessica" and "Ramblin' Man."  Greg Allman spoke recently about the past and the present.  I think you'll find his interview with "Daily Record" and his take on touring refreshing.

It's not about the money. I got ripped off so much when we (the Allman Brothers) were starting out. If it was about the money, I would have quit this a long time ago but this is about the music for me. It's something that I'm still passionate about it. It's just that I'm not a young man anymore. I'm just not up for the road full-time. I did that already but I am up for playing the songs. That's always fun.''

I always enjoy it when artist pull back the curtain and talk about what drives them.  Allman's cities of choice in the near future seem to center around the northeast, so we probably won't see him in Southwest Louisiana in the near future.  It's is still great to know that he is still touring and entertaining.  See the full story on Blues rocker Greg Allman at | Daily Record.