Here 's a state-by-state listing of inventions. Some of these are very important. Case in point: Louisiana. The invention from Louisiana has saved millions of lives all over the world.

On the other hand, the inventions from Michigan, Rhode Island and New Hampshire are very lame. they would have a very long way to go to catch up with the invention from Louisiana. The lamest, by far, is Wyoming!

Alabama:  Windshield wipers.

Alaska:  Kayaks.

Arizona:  Tasers.

Arkansas:  The modern toothbrush.

California:  The fortune cookie.  (At least that's where they were popularized.  The idea might have come from Japan.)

Colorado:  The Barbie Doll.

Connecticut:  The Wiffle Ball. Wow! WE couldn't live without that!

Delaware:  Kevlar.

Florida:  Sun tan lotion, appropriately enough.

Georgia:  Anesthesia.

Hawaii:  Surfing, of course.

Idaho:  The television.

Illinois:  The mouse trap.

Indiana:  The refrigerator.

Iowa:  Sliced bread.

Kansas:  The slurpee. You have to agree that's essential.

Kentucky:  Chewing gum.

Louisiana:  The microscope.

Maine:  The microwave.

Maryland:  The bottle cap.

Massachusetts:  Basketball.

Michigan:  The stop sign. Wow! Way to go Michigan. Like, nobody else would have come up with that one.

Minnesota:  The stapler.

Mississippi:  Anti-fungal cream.  Makes you wonder about Mississippi.

Missouri:  The vacuum cleaner.

Montana:  Heart monitors.

Nebraska:  Kool-Aid.

Nevada:  Solar panels.

New Hampshire:  The Segway. More of a fad than an invention. LAME

New Jersey:  The phonograph, to record something and then play it back.

New Mexico:  The nicotine patch.

New York:  The credit card.

North Carolina:  Flight.  Although the Wright Brothers BUILT the plane in Ohio.

North Dakota:  Bubble bath. Odd that more people in North Dakota don't bathe.

Ohio:  Wind turbines.

Oklahoma:  The shopping cart.

Oregon:  The computer mouse.

Pennsylvania:  The suspension bridge.

Rhode Island:  The diner.  The first one opened in Providence in 1872.

South Carolina:  The submarine.

South Dakota:  The cyclotron, which is a particle accelerator.

Tennessee:  The tow truck. And, the tow truck driver!

Texas:  The typewriter.

Utah:  The artificial heart.

Vermont:  The electric motor.

Virginia:  Camouflage. Seriously? Camo?

Washington:  Pictionary.

West Virginia:  The steamboat.

Wisconsin:  The blender.

Wyoming:  The world's first national park, which was Yellowstone in 1872. Wait a minute. that's not an invention. That's just naming something that already exist! FOUL!