Sign me up. I'm going to be a lean, mean, fighting machine. Anything that taste like bacon and can help me lose weight is fine by me.

You know, the number one food in the world is bacon and that's factoring in the countries that consider bacon, 'unclean.'

Here's the story behind the new diet drink that tastes like bacon!

The hero of this story is a company called J&D's Foods out of Seattle. J&D just introduced two brand new weight loss protein shakes that are similar to Slim Fast ,but instead of tasting like vanilla or chocolate mixed with cardboard, they taste like GRAVY and BACON.

The shakes are called Bacontrim and Gravytrim.  Each shake is 120 calories, has 30 grams of protein, and zero sugar.

What does this boon to mankind set you back? Well, a 20-pack is $20, but you can't buy it right this minute because they've sold out! Not to worry, they're cooking up a fresh batch faster than you can say, 'Walter White.'

I provided a link in the beginning of this story, but I know how you hate scrolling up, so here it is again.

Too bad it's an American company. These people should be knighted!