There's a great show featured on YouTube and it's called "Live From Daryl's House." In each episode, Daryl Hall teams up with another artist and has a live jam session. I highly recommend you watch the episodes when you can, because all of them are very impressive.

In this particular episode, Daryl has teamed up with the amazing Smokey Robinson for a session of Sara Smile. When Smokey starts singing the Daryl Hall composition, you'd swear that he was performing one of his own hits. He makes the great song sound like a Smokey Robinson song!

The twist on this video is that, after they perform the song, the band goes into one of Smokey's great songs. The song is Ooo Baby, Baby which was a hit for Smokey and the Miracles back in April of 1965.

Get ready for a great live performance from Daryl Hall and Smokey Robinson.