Instructional videos are everywhere and you can learn a lot about a wide variety of subjects on Youtube, but every now and again things go wrong in these videos and you learn a lot of things not to do. For example, when you're working with fire, just about anything can and will happen and very little of it turns out good.

Now, this poor guy is trying to demonstrate a new kind of match and everything goes fine until he actually get the match to light. Things go south real fast when he decides it's time to extinguish the match, but instead of extinguishing the match, he starts a chain reaction of igniting other things around his apartment.

The man in the video also learns about how not to extinguish a fire using flammable objects. Let's face it, if you're going to put out a fire, a cardboard box may not be your first choice. This guy is kind of lucky in that he didn't get the Darwin Award for dying in a stupid accident. I'll bet his insurance rates went through the roof, though.