I don't need anyone to sell me on the benefits of drinking coffee. I've been a coffee drinker since I was just a little kid. The family story is that we were visiting my grandparents on afternoon and my parents couldn't find me anywhere. Their search concluded in my grandparents kitchen where they discovered my grandfather spoon feeding me coffee. I'm sure my folks were none too excited to know that they were about to take home a caffeine wired baby.

Last week we had National Coffee Day and I certainly did my part in consuming several cups of my favorite brew. My day can't start without at least a few cups of coffee and I guess I'm lucky that there is always a pot of coffee brewing here at the radio station. By the way, never trust a radio person who doesn't drink coffee. It's one of my little rules and it's never failed me yet.

If you're like me, you don't need these 6 reasons to drink coffee, but I was surprised at the benefits of swilling a slug from the mug. Who knew I was smarter and more athletic than I thought. So, here you go coffee lovers. Watch the video and feel good about your daily habit.