I've always loved gorillas. I don't know what is it about them. Perhaps it's because they seem so incredibly human at times. You'd swear that they could almost talk to you and pass then time of day. Well, here's evidence that gorillas are fascinated by pictures of other gorillas as well.

We don't know the name of the young man in the video,but while he was visiting the Louisville Zoo's award winning gorilla habitat, he decided to share some pictures with one of the gorillas. You won't believe how fascinated the gorilla is to see pictures of other gorillas. I mean, how many animals are interested in pictures of anything. I can't even get my dog to react to his own reflection.

As the man flips through the pictures, it's almost as if the gorilla's body language says, "Okay, move on to the next picture." The young man attracted quite a crowd as he entertained the gorilla with his smart phone. It's a great little study of some pretty amazing animal behavior.