I have a certain admiration for people who can sit and watch a movie and catch all the gaffs. I guess every movie ever made has one or two little mistakes that, despite all the people watching for slip-ups, make it to the final cut of the movie. I admire these people because I never seem to catch them until they are pointed out to me.

I guess I still watch movies like a kid and get all caught up in the story and action. Besides, I don't really watch for bloopers and I know there are geeks out there that concentrate on catching the gaffs while they watch the movie.

Bloopers and continuity problems aren't restricted to low budget, Ed Wood type productions either. Even the most expensive movies out of Hollywood can contain some pretty glaring mistakes. Just look for the exposed gas canister from Gladiator shortly after the 3 minute mark on this video and you'll see what I mean.