There's nothing like a little good news when it comes to a potential hurricane, and we have good news on the system that everyone is watching: Invest 99L. It seems that the system has encountered some very dry air and a bit of wind shear at the same time. Those developments have led the National Hurricane Center to lower the chances for that system to develop much over the next few days.

The system in question may still enter the Gulf over the next few days, but there may not be much to it, given its current lack of organization. However, there is a chance that this system will hold together enough to eventually make it into the eastern Gulf near Florida. As that happens next week, conditions should become more favorable for tropical development. If by that time we do see a system organize, a front coming down from the north would probably pull the disturbance north into Florida.

Of course, we'll keep on eye on the tropics throughout the hurricane season, but it's nice to be able to pass on some good news!