What glass ceiling?  According to a Shine from Yahoo report, 40% of American women out-earned their husbands in 2009!  In fact, the number of wives who take home bigger paychecks than their husbands has risen steadily since the mid-1980s.  And it’s not just married women raking in the big- or at least bigger- bucks; single 20- and 30-something ladies in most U.S. cities are making more money than their male counterparts.  One reason for this trend is that manufacturing jobs were some of the hardest-hit by the recession- jobs mainly held by men.  Also, women continue to outnumber men on college campuses.  It seems guys are adjusting to this shift- a study found only 40% of guys these days say they think men should be the primary breadwinners in a family, compared with almost 75% 35 years ago; hey, more power to them!!