Guys, we all like to think we are 'manly men', but we all do some pretty 'girly' things. Now, I'm not real sure who decides what is 'manly' and what is 'girly', but I'd be willing to be that, whoever it is, they must be pretty insecure.

Here are 5 things that don't pass the 'manly' test, but a lot of guys do anyway.

1.  Keeping a diary.  Guys call it a journal, because that sounds more like something Ernest Hemingway would do. Make no mistake, Ernest Hemingway was way macho.

2.  Using women's shower gel.  They have way better scents like orange and peach and wild rose . . . all the men's scents are like Arctic Blast and Roaring Thunder.  Who wants to smell like a pine tree. How about 'Garage Mechanic' for a scent?

3.  Plucking, shaving, and trimming your eyebrows. Do women like bushy eyebrows? I have no idea.

4.  Lighting a candle, drawing a bubble bath, and reading in the tub for an hour. I haven't had time to do that. It's only girly if you're reading a romance novel Danielle Steele.

5.  Knowing all the big Disney songs . . . or secretly having some Disney soundtracks. Oh, come on. Everybody loves Disney songs.