We've all given and gotten gifts that have been returned. It's just one of those things. Unless you go shopping with a list of specific items that people on your gift list really want, chances are the recipient was standing in the return line the next day.

Now, it's too la4e to wave you off the gifts that are most likely to be returned, but it's maybe something to think about the next time a gift giving event rolls around.

According to NASDAQ, here the the top items being returned today:

6. Jewelery and Watches

5. Beauty and Cosmetics

4. Household items

3. Electronics

2. Toys and Games

1. Clothing


If you read the list, you'll come to the conclusion that nothing is safe. Let's face it, if we know someone really well, it's easy enough to know what they want, but so many gifts are bought out of a sense of obligation and that makes it tough!

3,000 Women were surveys and some of the gifts that stood out in their memories as "gotta get rid of this" were:

1. The same ugly sweater---three years in a row

2. A compost starter kit

3. Monogrammed towels- Sounds like a nice gift until you consider the fact that the person's initials weren't correct!\

4. USED makeup!

5. A coffee mug from a casino

Then there is the danger of re-gifting! More than one re-gifter has re-gifted to the person that "gifted" the item to begin with!

Happy Boxing Day!