Harold Ramis, the star of 'Ghostbusters,' writer of 'Animal House' and director of 'Caddyshack' and 'Groundhog Day,' has died at the age of 69 in Chicago.

Ramis was a writer, director and actor who brought laughter to millions passed away after a long illness known as autoimmune inflammatory vasculitis and had been in declining health since 2010.

Of course we all remember Ramis as Egon Spangler in 'Ghostbusters' and the trouble instigator Russell Ziskey in 'Stripes.' But Ramis was the writer of comedy favorites like 'Animal House' and 'Meatballs.' Ramis also directed 'Vacation,' and 'Groundhog Day.'

Ramis is survived by his wife Erica and three children.