Everyone has unique skills that make them great at one job or another. They can do something better than most people and that makes them an asset to their employer. This is a case where a common skill can make you some money. How good are you at laying around?

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NASA is looking for people to spend a couple of months in bed. You can do almost anything while you are spending this time in bed. You can watch the Saints, listen to the McNeese Cowboys on the radio, eat, have visitors, play video games, make phone calls, watch TV, write a tell all book or anything you want to do but stand up. You will be staying at NASA in Houston so you would be close to home. You must remain horizontal the entire time.

NASA will also pay you for two weeks of prep time and two weeks of exercise and re-adjustment after your time in bed. Yep, you are looking at a $15,000 payday to lay around. You can apply here.